The dress with butterfly sleeves and faux fur

Good evening my queens,
I hope you’re all doing great. I’m happy to be back in touch with you. As promised, I will not leave you hanging! I’m back now with another print fabric dress that can be worn in the fall and winter. That’s right, we are right in the middle of fall and this is why I’m going in this direction today!
My dress was sewn by the talented seamstress Jolene Paris. It is a form-fitting, knee-length dress. Two of the particularities of this dress are at the front. First, there is an opening at the torso, right where the chest level begins. It has a white border. Moreover, there is white fur at the centre of the dress, from top to bottom. This gives the dress an original effect. Finally, there is an inner opening in the sleeves to create a butterfly effect.
The end result is this a classy, ​​chic and superb dress. It can be worn during daytime with pumps as shown in the picture, or at night at a party with high-heeled sandals.
I’ll let you be the judges, my queens. I hope you love this style as much as I do.
Talk to you soon,

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