Wax dress with shawl

Hello my queens,

I hope you’re doing fine and having a good week,

Today, I come back to you with a dress but that can be put in summer as in winter. Yeahhh!!
Well, at least my queens who are in hot countries will not be left behind this time.

I made a straight dress. I think now you must have understood that I like straight dresses. It’s near the body, but it’s not sexy.
So, the dress is made entirely out of wax fabric in front and behind. I took back the same fabric as my fur skirt since it remains
in the trendy colors of this winter that are in blue and red. She’s got no sleeves and she’s coming right over the knee.

Over the dress, I made a white transparent fabric shawl and the fur edge. The shawl is perfect for warming but can also be removed.The dress is perfect for any event. It can be worn with different white, red or even blue scarpin. i hope you like it! Take care guys.

See you soon

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