Hello my Queens, my name is Gracia, I am from Congo-DRC. Yes! The cradle of the sape…je already feel your excitement as well as your panic, hahaha!!! I grew up partly in the Congo, I came to Canada at the age of 12. I am a law student and I am currently a Bachelor of administration. Fashion is a passion for me, especially since the skirt came in. I like to follow the evolution of African designers, to discover the novelties, especially in what is appealing to the original ways that everyone has to exploit the loin. I created this blog to inspire young women with classy, beautiful and unique styles of women's clothing. The name Mukaji simply means ' ' woman ' ' in the dialect of my parents ' village. It is not about any woman, it is that which is honored before God and in front of men, in other words, it is that which one treats as a queen. In my opinion, all women are queens so I found this word appropriate! So my queens thank you in advance for the attention you give to my blog and I tell you very soon! Mukaji