Khaki Green Dress

Hello my Queens,

Today I decided to change a little register. Novelty doesn’t kill! I present to you a dress made of khaki stretch fabric made by Jolene Paris. I know, it’s not made in a skirt, but the fabric is really beautiful… The khaki color is used a lot in the army. For me, a dress of this color represents the feminine fighting spirit. As we are on the eve of the month of the woman, I submit this dress that reminds me of how women are fighters.

Going back to the dress, instead of my famous bustiers and my usual sleeveless dresses, I decided to cover well and even to add sleeves. With the Canadian winter, we don’t really have a choice! On the other hand, we can always cover with style. This dress has a round collar that arrives to the neck, the sleeves end just a little lower than the elbow. This dress style is called three-quarter dress. I think it’s because it actually covers almost three-quarters of the arms. The sleeves are a little swollen at the shoulder, I think it gives him a little more tone. It’s a dress that molds the body all its length.

The bottom of the dress ends with ruffles that come to give it a look a little mermaid but short. It is monochrome, which means that the whole is made of the same color, so you can use it to accompany it with a solid necklace or a colorful jacket to add punch. I really like this style, I find the dress elegant, simple and especially comfortable. It’s the kind of dress you wear when you want to feel beautiful and sexy but you don’t want to expose everything. It is a practical dress that can be put on several occasions of the genre to a 5 to 7 or even a girl outing at the restaurant and why not on a date!

I wish you a good month of the woman!


Well to you my queens,


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