Kita dress in tulle cloth skirt

Hello my Queens,

Today I want to put in the spotlight a type of loin that I like very much. It’s called Kente or Kita. The Kita or kente loin is a traditional garment of the Akans group (Agnis, Baoulé people, Abron, Atties etc.), also used by the ethnic groups Krous (Bété, Diez, Godié etc.) of Ivory cost, as well as the Ga and D’ewes of Ghana and Togo in particular because of the ProX Geographical and cultural, but also because of the ethnic brewing in this part of Africa[1]. It is a colourful and thick fabric used as is (in a cloth) or in the making of more complex garments. Usually worn during festivities and ceremonies, this garment is a symbol of nobility and prestige. Kita forms the basis of the clothing of the Kings and Chiefs Akan, Krous, Ga and ewe. I decided to make it a unique model.

I opted for a simple top with sleeves, it happens to be a little higher than the size. The neck is round and there is a slightly revealing opening at the chest level.

I foamed a little bit at the bottom of the dress by adding tulle. It creates a charming, youthful and fairy effect. The tulle is the same blue as some parts of my kente fabric for a little colour reminder. The tulle is doubled with a plain blue fabric of the same colour. The use of the tulle for the making of dresses and skirts is in vogue at the moment and it must be admitted that it also adds a little originality to the dress.

I’ve arranged the dress with beautiful blue sandals. It is ideal for a good cocktail when you want to be noticed.

Well to you my queens,

See you again!


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