Faux-fur print fabric skirt

Good day my queens,
Hope you’re all doing well. I’m coming back to you with a simple, yet functional & original print fabric skirt.
It’s just a simple, straight-cut, high-waisted skirt. It is slightly form-fitting with frills at the bottom. The frills are white, just like one of the colours on the print fabric, and is made of asymmetrical faux-fur. The front is short and the back is longer.
I paired the print fabric skirt with a white tank top and a light white pullover sweater, to bring out the white colour from the faux-fur. I also accessorized if with white pumps, but I wore red ones on some of the pictures. My team and I had a slight disagreement on this! Lol. My team loved the red shoes. I’ll let you be the judge.
This is a nice skirt for a winter outing
I’ll leave you guys here and on that note, I’ll catch you soon!



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