Print fabric sleeveless blazer & straight-cut skirt combo

“Boss lady” in a sleeveless blazer:

Hello, my Queens. It’s always a pleasure to be able to write to you. Today’s edition is a not like the others; I thought of you, my Boss Ladies, working women & entrepreneurs. Keeping you in mind, I made this print fabric outfit which is perfect for the office. It’s composed of a full-length blazer and a skirt.

The jacket is simple and classic. On the other hand, it has the following peculiarities, it has no handle, it is long, almost to the level of the knees. She does not have a collar and the lapel of the jacket is also in a skirt. The charm of this jacket comes from its simplicity combined with its irregular cut. It is very well above a beautiful shirt. When you wear it that way, it looks more formal. To change the look a little, you can also put it over a top in cotton cleavage for example. The look will be more casual so relax, but it will remain just as stylish. You’ve guessed it, the jacket is versatile and it can easily fit with other clothes and accessories to create very interesting and different looks.

The straight skirt elegantly marries the shapes. It is ideal in a working environment or even in the church for example. Its cut is formal and classy, while being stylish and colorful.

On this my Queens,
See you again

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