Dashiki Cape Blazer


Hello, my queens!

To begin, here is an article on a dashiki outfit consisting of a straight-cut high-waisted skirt and a cape blazer that I love. When thinking of the word “elegance”, the ideas that come to mind are chic, pampered, sharp or refined. Although print fabric can be worn for a casual look, it can also be worn in an elegant way. It all depends on the cuts you choose and what you choose to wear it with. Here is an outfit that I asked my seamstress (Nellycouture) to make for me.


It is black, sober and elegant. It is a color that can be worn as much in the winter as in the summer and I love the effect of Dashiki print (the slightly oval pattern at the centre of the fabric) on a black background. The opening in the sleeves of the jacket brings out a little contemporary and original side. It is taken from a style of jacket I saw at Simons. The skirt is high-waisted and straight-cut, and although it is form-fitting, it is not vulgar. Not to forget, there is a slit on the side in order to allow you to walk, given that print fabric is not stretchy. I have three suggestions for how this outfit can be worn. The first way is with a skirt of the same pattern and a black tank top.

The second look is with the Dashiki skirt and a plain white shirt. I completed my outfit with two accessories: a fur scarf and a stiff black felt hat, which can be found at Aldo or Spring.

For the third look, I replaced the black tank top with a white one, and the skirt with beige trousers to bring out the small beige details of the blazer. This outfit has a bit of a boyfriend look, but still remains chic.  All three outfits are classic. What are your thoughts?

To you, my Queens, I say see you soon, and take care of yourselves!


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