Print fabric & lace bustier dress

Hello my Queens,

I hope you’re all doing very well. Today I will talk about lace being integrated in some print fabric models. Why am I talking about it? It’s because I’ve been noticing this trend for quite some time. In most of the styles I’ve seen, the lace was added onto the bustier part. I couldn’t help but get a style made with lace added, but of course, adding my own twist to it!


Here is a style that I had my dressmaker Nelly couture make. The heart-shaped ruffle bustier is made entirely out of print fabric. The neckline is cut in the shape of a heart, while the cut isn’t straight like we see in most styles, but rather by following the curves of the round patterns of the print fabric. The bustier goes all the way down to the waist and ends with a ruffle high enough to lengthen my silhouette and to highlight my curves as well as my legs.

However, for the bottom, I opted for a skirt made entirely of lace with floral patterns. The skirt is lined with stretch cotton fabric in the exact same colour as the lace. I also added a small slit in the back, which adds a touch of elegance to the skirt.

This style is simple, elegant and perfect for attending events like a wedding ceremony. I hope this outfit is to your liking. 


Sincerely yours my Queens,

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