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The long sleeve african dress with faux fur

Hello my queens!

I hope you’re all right. Today I present to you a dress that I like very much. The dress flared mid long to collar boat, this type of dress is a classic. I particularly like this style since it is very refreshing and seductive, besides I think we should all have a similar room in our wardrobe. To add a little spice to my dress, I integrated the skirt.

The top of the bustier dress with boat collar reveals the bare shoulders, which is very trendy this year. To add originality, the front of the top of the dress, is made of blue fabrics reminiscent of some particles of the loin cloth which is for its part, at the back of the top, where there is also a zipper.

The bottom of the dress is flared and half long, the front is in a cloth and it stops at the knees. Unlike the top, the back of the skirt is made of blue fabrics. The length that is a little more pronounced at the back of the skirt gives it a bohemian look.

This arrangement of fabrics and colors gives a sublime result. This is the kind of dress I will not hesitate to wear on a date.

See you soon my Queens

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