The robe with Col Claudine in a loin cloth

Hello my Queens,

I hope you have had a nice summer and that you had the opportunity to go out dressed in creations in a cloth. I’m back with all new super interesting models, besides I present to you a dress that I wanted for a long time. When I saw this cloth, I thought it would be perfect for this model. What for? Because to make certain models that have particular lines or structures, you have to choose the right pattern. Oh, yes! The choice of the pattern is important because it will determine the cut of your garment. For example, when there are large patterns on the loin cloth, the seamstress must make sure that the location of the pattern is visually framed on the fabric, that is, it should not be cut if for example it makes a skirt or a shirt. The other parts of the garment must also respect the lines and have some continuity. To get back to my dress, the pattern is small and rectangular. It is perfect to the extent that it helps to strengthen the structured effect of the dress.

Starting from the top, I embellished the dress of a col Claudine which goes down in point to the height of my waist. As for the collar, I confess that I wanted to add a little touch of extravagance to make the look more original. The collar is in plain black fabric reminiscent of a part of the bottom of the dress and also of the cloth. The dress has small sleeves and it is close to the body.

The bottom of the dress was inspired by the traditional loincloths skirts, I am referring to the skirts that are attached by oneself. In order to enrich the model, I wanted to create the illusion of two different overlapping fabrics. The left side is made of the same skirt as the top of my dress, however the right part is made of the black fabric of the collar. The back of the dress is totally designed in a loin cloth.
I really like the little surprise effect of the dress, if you look at it first of the left profile and then of the right profile, it’s totally different!

It is a chic and classy dress that can be worn on almost every occasion with beautiful shoes or sandals. Watch the result!

Soon my queens!


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