Agbada, Boubou

My red Agbada a.k.a boubou

Hello my queens,

I hope you’re all doing very well. I’m coming back to you today with a completely different look. It is a garment that is worn by both men and women. For the litle story, in West Africa, the nobility of the different peoples wore this type of clothing. The had different specific meanings that varied by ethnicity and region. With the evolution of fashion, and the appearance of the sewing machine, many African designers have specialized in the Boubou style and have given it world renown. It is made with Bazin, wax and other fabrics.

My agbada is made with cotton because I wanted it to be light. It is composed of three pieces: pants, shirt and dress. The trousers are classic straight style. It is close to the body and has two colors. It is all red but with two black lines on each side that goes from top to bottom.

the shirt is completely red, buttoned in the middle from top to bottom. The buttons are a brighter red. The dress is very wide, with large openings on the sides. The neck is trapeze shaped to accentuate the designs of the embroidery made just below. The embroidery is made of two colors of Bazin, black and red.

This Agbada is well with closed black shoes to remind the pattern of the embroidery and the lines of the pants. You can also wear it with black or red sandals.

It’s perfect for a wedding or other special occasion. For the one who likes to make a noticed entrance, it’s for you! I hope you will love it my queens. Take care of yourself and see you soon.





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