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Strapless dress in wax revisited

hello  my queens, 

I hope you’re all doing very well and enjoying your summer. 
I’m doing great thanks to God. I’m back to you today with an other perfect outfit for the summer. 

It’s a dress I particularly like because it’s simple but at the same time a bit complicated. It is short sleeved and a round colar. It ends at the level of the thighs. 

The peculiarity of the dress is at the top, at the level of the neck up to the beginning of the chest, I put a transparent beaded  fabric in red burgundy. 
 And at the level where the transparent cloth joins the wax. I put franks of the same red burgundy as the transparent fabric. 
It looks like a bustier  dress but a litle covered. 

This dress is beautiful for a litle night out . It is very well matched to white or black sandals. 
I hope you like it. 

See you soon My queens 


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