The African dress with puffy sleeves

Hello my queens!

I hope you are doing very well. I am super happy!!!! It’s finally summer!!!!!!!!! Those who live in North America can understand me. Now, let go back to our subject. As it’s summer, I come back to you with an African dress that screams summer. It is colourful and fun.

The type of dress that I am proposing is a type that I particularly like. I was inspired by the style of the puffy sleeves that have been in fashion for some time. Like Rihanna and her new collection. My dress has a boat neck. The front of the collar is in heart-shaped. And in the centre of the chest is a hidden plunging neckline with a piece of transparent fabric. The sleeves are short and buffy.

It’s a straight dress near the body. It stops just above the knee. You can wear it with transparent shoes like me. They go with everything. You can also wear it with black shoes or sandals. It’s perfect for a wedding ceremony. It’s the season!

I hope you guys like it. I will see you soon my queens.


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  1. Sophie says:

    This dress is hot, just like you wearing it!
    Thanks for this refreshing and vibrant look.

    1. Thank you very much Sophie!

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